Claudia Ansorge: A Vision and a Mission

Google the words, “Two River” and you’ll see a slew of businesses by that name: Two River Computer, Two River Realty, Two River Theater and, of course: Two River Times – to name just a few. But like a modern Brigadoon, the Two Rivers didn’t fully come into being as a community until it came alive in the imagination of a woman named Claudia Ansorge. Ansorge is the founder and past publisher of The Two River Times. By the time she published the first issue of this newspaper in 1990, Ansorge had

The Geraldo Years: Investigative and Hard Hitting

Part of the Two River Times 25th Anniversary Commemorative Coverage Fox News television correspondent Geraldo Rivera is in the middle of a phone call in his 17th floor corner office in New York City, speaking rapid fire Spanish to the person on the other end of the phone. As the conversation concludes, the man that just about everyone in America recognizes by his first name alone turns himself to the next task at hand: a trip down the river of time to the days when he was majority owner and man

Patrick Murray - Polling Institute Keeps an Eye on the Public Mind

At this time of year it’s not unusual to receive a call from a polling organization seeking input from registered voters on the upcoming elections. Not a few of us are likely to hang up, annoyed at one more intrusion into our personal lives. But Patrick Murray, founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, would like us to reconsider. After all, it’s the voices of many different Americans that have the power to direct the course of government and influence public policy for m