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Join the locals for their evening stroll

As the weekend draws to a close, Neapolitans prepare for their traditional evening stroll known as the "passeggiata." While a passeggiata is often a daily occurrence, Sundays are special. That’s the day the family has an opportunity to don their Sunday best and head out on the street to enjoy the evening breezes, greet friends and maybe stop for dinner or ice cream before heading home. This civilized tradition generally takes place between the hours of 5 PM and 8 PM. A favorite place for locals

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Descend into the ancient past

Some 40 meters below ground, subterranean Naples reveals the remnants of 2,400 years of human history evidenced by ancient pathways, the ruins of Greek and Roman aqueducts, marketplaces, and artifacts dating from the 4th century B.C. This trip through time includes a visit to the remains of the backstage dressing room that Emperor Nero used when he performed in the city that was then called Neapolis. These underground caves carved out of tufa rock served as a lifesaving shelter for thousands o

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Picnic at the Royal Palace of Caserta - Touring Bird

Acres of gardens, pools, waterfalls, fountains, forests, and statuary surround the 1200-room palace designed by architect Luigi Vanvitelli for the Bourbon kings of Naples in the 1700s. The palace also has an important World War II connection. In April of 1945, Germany signed its surrender to the Allied Forces at the palace of Caserta, ending the war in Europe. While thousands of visitors tour the Caserta year-round, many don't take advantage of its lovely gardens. Rent a bike and ride the path

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Savor sweet dreams of Napoli - Touring Bird

Renowned chocolatiers Gay Odin have been making artisanal chocolates in Naples for well over 100 years. It all began in 1894 when Isidoro Odin, a chocolatier from the city of Alba in the north of Italy, packed all he owned and bought himself a third-class train ticket to Naples to open a chocolate shop. His business became such a success that he soon established his own chocolate laboratory and factory in Naples. He and his wife, Onorina Gay, lent their names to the shop that is now an inextrica